General terms & conditions
Audimat Productions

Article 1

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of placing the order, all offers and services provided by Audimat Productions are exclusively governed by the present general conditions.

Article 2

Audimat Productions will only be contractually bound after receipt of the order form, duly signed for acceptance.

Any order placed by the client with Audimat Productions implies full acceptance by the former, without restriction or reservation, of the present general terms & conditions of sales and service.

Article 3

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Audimat Productions invoices are payable within 30 days of the end of the month of the invoice date.

In the event of non-payment of any sum within this time limit, the total amount owed will be increased, ipso jure and without prior notice, by a fixed penalty of 10% (with a minimum of €24,79) and will also be subject to 10% interest per year, with any month started being due in full.

Any partial payment will first be deducted from the penalty, then the interest, and finally the capital.

Article 4

Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, the client guarantees Audimat Productions that he/she alone holds the unrestricted rights of use for all materials protected by copyright that he/she requests to be used in the framework of the execution of services ordered from Audimat Productions.

In doing so, the client fully exonerates Audimat Productions from any possible responsibility for the works supplied and will, at Audimat Productions’ immediate request, bear all costs of any kind relating to the use of any materials protected by any copyright.

Article 5

Any waiver, even partial, of the contract by the client, as well as any cessation of services due to the fault of the latter, shall be subject to a fixed penalty of 20% of the full amount of the order.

In the event of culpable non-performance or breach of contract by Audimat Productions, the client, insofar as he/she is a consumer, shall be entitled to claim equivalent compensation.

Article 6

Regardless of its nature, any dispute shall fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the judicial district of Brussels and be subject to Belgian law, to the exclusion of all others, unless otherwise required by law.